Outdoor Train Party

Travel Town was the perfect place for this little boy C, who LOVES trains, to have his second birthday party. We provided some of the food that was fit for an outdoor party, such as chicken kabobs, which were a BIG hit. We also made the cake and cupcakes that you see in these pictures. This train cake was different in that we added a little boy resembling the birthday boy sitting on top of the cake, in the middle of the train tracks. We also brought some milk and some Hot Chocolate on a Stick, to help the guests keep warm.
(first three pictures courtesy of Sue Hong, last picture courtesy of Brian Wee)


  1. I suddenly wish my son was 3 years old again so he could have a train birthday party. Great cake! I love the fact that the party is pleasing to the eyes for both kids and adults.

  2. what an absolutely delightful and perfect cake for a thomas the train party! i like the added touch with the hot chocolate on a stick. not only is it a great idea, but delicious on a chilly day and so complementary to the cake and cupcakes!