Groom's BB Cake

This cake has definitely been our most challenging cake so far. A client wanted to surprise her husband with a replica of his BB phone at their wedding- so sweet and cute, right? We have heard that he was quite surprised and that the couple and their guests thoroughly enjoyed the cake with their eyes and their taste buds. Although it took more than 10 hours to make the cake (we made sure EVERYTHING looked exactly like the actual phone), it was really all worth it knowing that it brought much joy to the couple and the guests. Congratulations Deborah and Tony!


Über Mario Cake

We made this cake for the brother of the girl who had a princess party early this year. Being a big fan of Nint**** games, I was extremely excited about making this cake. It was a little more challenging than the other cakes we have done. This is because we couldn't just design the cake in any way, but we had to refer to the elements in the video game and replicate them. Hard work paid off at the end because we absolutely love the way the cake turned out and it was hard to let it go :)


Two Brothers' Birthday Cakes

Our friend G had a huge birthday bash for her two boys recently. We stuck to a simple design and color combination, which we believe made the cake look whimsical, but in a clean and modern way. (*photo courtesy of Michelle Sterling*)


Outdoor Train Party

Travel Town was the perfect place for this little boy C, who LOVES trains, to have his second birthday party. We provided some of the food that was fit for an outdoor party, such as chicken kabobs, which were a BIG hit. We also made the cake and cupcakes that you see in these pictures. This train cake was different in that we added a little boy resembling the birthday boy sitting on top of the cake, in the middle of the train tracks. We also brought some milk and some Hot Chocolate on a Stick, to help the guests keep warm.
(first three pictures courtesy of Sue Hong, last picture courtesy of Brian Wee)


Cupcake Shower Gift

Our ever popular cupcakes with strawberry mascarpone frosting were recently given out as a baby shower gift. Rumour has it that everyone at the shower enjoyed them!
(*photo courtesy of Michelle Sterling Photography*)

Happy Valentine's Day!

These are "Hot Chocolate on a Stick"s. I can not take credit for these as my friend first brought these to a cookie exchange party and then gave them out as Valentine's Day gifts. I absolutely love them and had to "borrow" the idea. Thanks M for finiding it on giverslog.com and sharing them with me!


(Pink) Princess Party

Earlier this year, we helped a little girl celebrate her birthday with about fifty of her family and friends. As you can see from the pictures, she likes princesses and the color pink :) . We helped the family by providing them with Hawaiian Plate style food, along with some fruit kabobs, a castle cake big enough to feed fifty plus guests, some of the decorations (flower pompoms, birthday banner and balloons) and booking a princess.


Cherry Blossom Gel Candle

Cherry blossom was the theme for the elegant October wedding which we provided favors for. The Bride and Groom wanted to give something each guests could take home and enjoy, so decided on candles. Going with the cherry blossom theme, we hand-made each gel candle and filled it with cherry blossom petals. We are sure each guests that took these favors home felt the warmth of the Bride and Groom's hearts! Gel candles are elegant and versatile favors since they can be customized to each person's individual taste.