Hello Kitty Party

We will post more pictures and details about this event soon. For now, here is a picture of the birthday banner and a flower pompom from the party that all followed the red and white color scheme of H Kitty. The other picture shows strawberry H Kitty cupcakes. Like the T Train birthday cake, these were made with marshmallow fondant, which the kids loved.


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November Baby Shower #2

We had another great privilege in doing food and drinks for a baby shower this month. They used our pennants and we decided to integrate that theme like we did for the previous shower this month. Specifically, we put little triangles on toothpicks on the mochis, like the triangles on the pennants, as well as on the paper hanging part of the tea bags.
Can you see the little triangles on toothpicks on the mochis, like the triangles on the pennants? The tea bags are on the very bottom right of the picture but it's quite difficult to see the little triangles on them.
Geometry: Frittata squares, fried ravioli squares and triangular tea sandwiches.
Sliders Bar- with condiments, cheese, caramelized onion and sweet potato fries.

We changed the look of our caprese skewers with these long sticks and standing them up-right.


November Baby Shower #1

Early this month, we had the privilege of providing food, drinks, favors and tablescaping for three ladies who were throwing a shower for their friends N&D. We will post more pictures as we get them but for now, here are some pictures of the favors- chocolate meringue "nests" with jelly bean "eggs". Aren't they adorable? Also, going along with the bird graphic on our self-made favor labels, we put them on what was previously quite unappealing paper part of some fruity tea bags. It's all in the details, as they say! We thought they were quite charming but we wonder if anyone other than the tea drinkers noticed them...