chef themed birthday party

This is an example of a customized birthday party we offer at Choix.
The birthday girl had been showing interest in cooking and had been having a blast in the kitchen, so... chef themed birthday party was the perfect solution! The children decorated their aprons and hats, posed for the camera with their chef's outfit, made their own pizza and then ate the pizza, played games, decorated their own cupcakes and filled up their favor boxes with candies! What more can a kid ask for?
Kids having a blast posing for the camera in their very own chef outfits!

Each child decorated their own apron and chef's hat, and...
they made their own pizza!

Tattoos are always fun!

They loved decorating their own cupcakes with a frosting of their choice (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate) as well as some sprinkles!
Our cupcakes with our very delicious and very unique frosting for the chaperones.

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